Adisen Samano

Adisen Samano focus and drive is to empower individuals to better themselves through a healthier way of lifestyle living. Martial Arts can increase an Individual mind and establishes confidence in every aspects of life. It’s very important to me when it when an individual has specific needs when training Martial Arts, some want to compete and some want to Learn Self Defense. The Foundation of My program here at Rocky’s Dojo is to Teach Men/Women Martial Arts from a MMA perspective and not in Traditional style or form.

For over 20 years I’ve been training in traditional martial arts, boxing, kickboxing, Grappling, Although I have trained in several Martial arts throughout my Child and into my adulthood, the foundation of what I teach stems from Jung Do Hapkido With Tae Kwon Do and Wing Chun. Ive Had the honor and privilege of Learning from some of the Best Martial Artist since I started in this great industry.

I teach Martial Arts not only for individuals who like to compete but also to defend themselves from any physical threats, as I always emphasis “train like a fighter doesn’t mean you have to fight or compete” Learn and adapt to your surroundings but not conforming to it and transforming your mind and body as one living with confidence.

Professional Experience: